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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AberDanielG.Alpena City Fourth WardAlpena 
AmesJosephF.Alpena City First WardAlpena 
AtwoodBenj.D.Long RapidsAlpena 
AveryEdwardO.Alpena City Fifth WardAlpena 
AyotteJoseph Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BartrowJoseph WilsonAlpena 
BelknapThomasL.Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BellemoreCharles SandbornAlpena 
BenjaminMartin OssinekeAlpena 
BenniwayRicharad Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BerrihillJohn Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BlackmoreJohn Maple RidgeAlpena 
BownTheodore Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BrabantR.H.Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
BroadwellWilliam Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
BroeffleGeorgeH.Alpena City First WardAlpena 
BrownGeorge Long RapidsAlpena 
BrownRenwick Alpena City First WardAlpena 
BrownWarren Alpena City Fifth WardAlpena 
BucholstHerman Alpena City Sixth WardAlpena 
CarrAlexander Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
ChaffeeAmasa Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
ChappellJohnH.Long RapidsAlpena 
CharbonneauJohn Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
ClarkJohnJ.Alpena City First WardAlpena 
CookJohnL.Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
CoyPaschalP.Alpena City Sixth WardAlpena 
CrowleyFlorance Alpena City Sixth WardAlpena 
DemmonsChester Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
DemmonsWilliam Alpena City Fourth WardAlpena 
EgleWilliam WilsonAlpena 
ElliottE.G.Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
ElsworthJohn OssinekeAlpena 
EmerickFrank Alpena City First WardAlpenayes
EnglishGeorge Alpena City First WardAlpena 
EveansSolomon Maple RidgeAlpena 
FriestH.S.Maple RidgeAlpena 
GallawayRobert Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
GauthierD. Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
GenrowJoseph Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
GibbonsPatrick Alpena City Second WardAlpena 
GooleyPeter OssinekeAlpena 
GoveCharles Alpena City Third WardAlpena 
GreelyChas.B.Alpena City First WardAlpenayes
GreenHoratio GreenAlpena 
HamiltonWm. AlpenaAlpena 
HardyThomas Alpena City Fourth WardAlpena 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.